1. Using softer, lighter colors could give an illusion that your room is larger.

bigger-roomLearn how to maximize a small living space with the help of the right colors. If your room seems to be cramped, but it has large windows, you could make it look spacious by painting the walls with light colors and incorporating some mirrors. Aside from reflecting the natural light, mirrors could give an optical illusion of space, making the room appear larger than its original size.

On the other hand, dark colors have the tendency to make your room appear smaller. Even with natural lighting and strategic placement of mirrors, the room would still appear dark and would seem cramped.

2. For instant lighting to your living space, try adding some decorative mirrors.

decorating-with-large-mirrorsJust like what has been mentioned earlier, mirrors could make a small space appear larger. Likewise, for rooms that are already large or any rooms that need natural light, mirrors could be placed across the windows, and it’ll emit instant lightning. Aside from these, decorative mirrors could instantly turn an empty wall space into something artistic. It doesn’t matter if you’ll opt for large or small mirror, both could give light and dimension to your living space.

3. Dare to mix it up.

mixing-patternsTry mixing up patterns and textures to see which ones would blend well together. It doesn’t matter if it’s old or new, expensive or inexpensive, you’re free to combine them together and use it if the end result would look outstanding.

Furthermore, it’s not a crime to put your family heirloom together with your modern couch. In fact, most skilled interior decorators would tell you that the most crucial part of decorating your home is to transform it into something that would reflect your personality and style. For instance, the antique Chippendale desk of your great grandfather tells a story, something about the past. On the other hand, the modern couch you have now is something that you fell in love with and your purchase has a story behind it. It’s your present story and there’s nothing wrong about letting the past and present co-exist together. As long as it looks good together, it’s a form of art. Upon knowing that, you’re probably thinking of placing a painting made by Salvador Dali on the same wall next to Monet. It’s fine. There isn’t any reason why you’re not allowed to place them in a same room. Likewise, when it comes to fabrics, furniture, pillows, or rugs with various colors and patterns, don’t be afraid to mix and match. This would help you figure out which one would be perfect in your place.

4. Don’t be shy. Slip into something that’s a little more comfortable and relaxing.

living-room-furniture-slipcoverMost people would raise an eyebrow upon hearing slip covers. Though, if you’ll set aside the drawbacks, you could say that they’re truly wonderful. For one, they could instantly transform your furniture’s look depending on the season. They’re so versatile and it’s very easy to change the covers, giving you the privilege to have a sophisticated look without worrying about your family, friends, and guests dirtying or spilling on your furniture.

Likewise, slip covers are perfect for rooms that are frequently used by children. Using white, slip-covered couches would give an impression of a casual, carefree, easy, yet sophisticated setting.

5. Wicker baskets

fireplace-wooden-shelf-wicker-basketWicker baskets are very elegant and affordable. Put it in any room and it could serve as a storage for books, baskets, toys, blankets, towels, architectural decor magazines, and the list goes on. Place them on the counter top in your kitchen and they’ll become a decorative piece with a dual purpose, because you could use them as a storage for your fruits and veggies.

6. Be Practical. Use what you already have.

living-room-everyday-itemsEven though we’re not pack rats nor hoarders, there’s still a great possibility that we’ve packed up some of our things in boxes and we never had a chance to check them again. Well, now is the right time for that. When your home needs some accessories, instead of running to the store, why not go to your attic and see what you already have. Who knows, you might find something that’s really useful. Trays, acrylic, wooden, silver, or metal could be placed on top of tea carts, luggage racks, beside tables, coffee tables, and trunks. This would give an extra texture and dimension to your furniture. You could even arrange your favorite scented candles on them, or use it as a bookshelf. If you’re a parent, frame your children’s artworks and hung them in nursery rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Just be creative and you’ll definitely be able to transform your old things into something useful.

7. Ever heard of a hanging pot holder?

hanging-pot-holderYour kitchen should be warm and inviting. We spend a lot of time there preparing dishes, serving meals, and even entertaining our guests. A hanging pot would appear elegant and sophisticated. Best of all, they’ll be very useful whenever you need some fresh herbs. Likewise, you could also use them for your kitchen utensils. This would free some additional space in your cupboard and you’ll be able to use that to store other items instead.

8. Go green.

indoor-plantsBe nature-friendly and add some plants in every room. They’re inexpensive and they could accessorize your space, giving color and texture. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, they balance the humidity and clean household air. They absorb the pollutants and remove toxic gases. Therefore, nothing could go wrong with adding greens in your home.

9. Paint or wallpaper your bookcases

wallpaper-bookshelvesTired of your old bookcases? Instead of throwing them away, paint them instead! A simple coat of paint could instantly energize and transform a dull space. Even a simple, built-in bookcase would be extraordinary by just adding a blue interior. It’s an inexpensive way of transforming your home into something more invigorating and lively.

It’s best to start with bookcases because they’re usually small and there’s no need to paint a large area. Other fun places where you could add some color would be the insides of closets, ceilings, hallways, and fireplace mantels.

10. Soften hardwood floors with area rugs

area-rug-corner-sofa-curtainsBy throwing rugs on hardwood floors, you could instantly add some warmth and great texture to it. Even though hardwood floors are elegant and very easy to maintain, they don’t have the same comfort that carpeted floor has, especially during the cooler months. However, using area rugs on your hardwood floors could add a bit of fun and functionality. Choose patterns and fabrics that would reflect your personality. The possibilities are endless.

You could change your area rugs depending on the season. On cooler months, it’s ideal to use warmer tones and fabrics. Likewise, opt for lighter ones during the warmer days of the year.

Lastly, most area rugs are washable, making them ideal for households with children. With that, having a child would never be an excuse to redecorate your home once again!